Glamour Blogs: Little Miss Fortune/Savvy or Stupid: What Are Your Thoughts on Virtual Panhandling?

April 14, 2009 by Kim Fusaro

A few years ago, Karyn Bosnak (a Brooklyn girl, like me!) put out a virtual collection plate called asking do-gooders to help her pay off $20,000-plus in credit card debt. (They did, and she later wrote a book about it.) SaveKaryn was followed by a slew of copycat sites, including

CyberBeg and Ed Needs a Hummer—even Octomom Nadya Suleman got in on the action, asking strangers for handouts to help her raise her 14 kids. Then along came these two:

Soon-to-be-wed couple Meredith and Matt (both teachers) are short $10,000 for their wedding. And they’d like you and me to subsidize their nuptials.

Is this savvy (“Let’s not go into debt to pay for a party!”) or stupid (“Let’s

have a party we can’t afford and ask other people to foot the bill!”)?

Normally I’d vote stupid, but M&M have promised to donate anything they get over $10,000 to the American Cancer Society. Also, I’m a teacher’s daughter (not to be confused with a preacher’s daughter), so I have a healthy amount of respect for underpaid public servants. Hmmm...

What do you think? Let's put it to a vote: If you cast your vote in favor

of Meredith and Matt, I’ll donate $25 to their cause. (I know it’ll only pay for a few canapés, but I’m in debt, too, you know.) Or call them out on over-spending (East Side Bride did!), and I’ll give my $25 to Sesame Street Workshop, a charity that benefits kids, giant talking birds and grouches everywhere.

Vote below, and leave your thoughts in the comments. Is it crazy for me to do anything but keep my $25? Weigh in!