Via the NY Times...

Saving a Squirrel by Eating One

RARE roast beef splashed with meaty jus, pork enrobed in luscious crackling fat, perhaps a juicy, plump chicken ... these are feasts that come to mind when one thinks of quintessential British food. Lately, however, a new meat is gracing the British table: squirrel.


I could make quite a living farming squirrels, seeing as though my balcony has become a squirrel haven.

(Oh, I'm kidding, animal lovers. I can't even bring myself to kick little buggers out.)

Cayenne Pepper

A lot of people suggested I sprinkle cayenne pepper outside to get rid of the squirrel and it reminded me of a funny, albeit gross, story. Consider yourself warned.

If you read Save Karyn, you might remember that my old roommate Scott had a Jack Russell Terrier named Veda.

When we first moved in together, Veda was a puppy and was completely out of control. At the time, I only had Elvis, and Veda developed a habit of rummaging through his litter box and eating his poop. (As gross as this is, it's quite common for puppies to do.)

As you can imagine, Scott and I weren't exactly excited about Veda's new habit, but no matter what we did, we couldn't break her of it. We moved the litter box, put a lid on it, added a door... but somehow she'd always figure out a way to get inside.

After a while, someone suggested that we douse Elvis' poop with Tabasco sauce, so we decided to give it a try. After waiting for Elvis to "make a fresh one," we uncovered it with the scooper and gave it a good douse. As terrible as it is, we then led Veda to the litter box and encouraged her to dive in.

Within seconds, Veda found the spicy piece of poop and completely devoured it. When she finished, with her lips-a-smackin', rather than freak out and run the other way because her mouth was now probably on fire, she instead looked back at the litter box and dove inside for seconds. I mean, the Tabasco sauce didn't even phase her. She was like, "Mmmm, sauce!"

Anyway, sorry for the gross story, but I had to share it. Oh, and as for Veda, she eventually stopped eating Elvis' poop. When she moved out.