My Neighbors and Elvis

Okay so I just want to take this opportunity to tell you all how much I love my neighbors, Kate and Sarah. I'm so happy we've become friends; they couldn't be nicer people. Not only did they watch my little munchkin Elvis while I was away, but Kate called this morning to see if I needed anything because I'm sick. (I took her up on the offer; she got me some Starbucks. Thank you, Kate.) They're just kind and thoughtful and the world needs more people like them.

So anyway, I'm feeling a little bit better. The Motrin I had was super-duper strong (I got it from the doctor when I had strep throat), so it broke my fever pretty quickly. Having a fever is so terrible... I think I wrote about this the last time I had one. I mean, the way your body aches and your skin hurts, and the chills and headache you get... yuck, yuck, yuck... all of it.

And now back to Elvis (I'm all over the place today; sorry... it's the illness), someone asked how he's doing. He's fine, thanks for inquiring. Kate sent me an email while I was away saying that, while Sarah was petting him one day, he started drooling. I was like, "Oh, he does that." I wrote about him doing this once before on my old website and have since imported it to this blog. Here's a link to it with an awesome picture of him drooling.

BTW, he's sitting on my lap as I type this. Here's a picture:

Okay, bye bye!

Dinner With The Neighbors

So my neighbors invited me over for dinner tonight. They asked if there's anything I'm allergic to or can't eat, and I told them strawberries. (I've been allergic since I was seven.) Mark is nervous because he's determined they're going to try to kill me now by blending strawberries into the sauces and whatnot, but I told him not to worry.

Beverly and I are off to get some wine for the big occasion. If you don't know whether or not someone likes white or red and you're unsure about what will go better with the meal because you don't know what's on the menu, is it weird to bring both? I'll ask the guys at Smith & Vine, an awesome little wine store in my neighborhood. They're geniuses there; they know everything.