Favorite NYC Meals

I'm going to Pearl Oyster Bar for dinner tonight with my friend Patty and it got me thinking of some of the best meals I've ever had in New York City. Here they are, in no particular order.

UPDATE: I've linked to pictures. (Most were copyrighted.)

  • Lobster roll from Pearl Oyster Bar. Picture.
  • Eggs en meurette (breakfast/brunch entree) from Landmarc. (Bacon, onions, and mushrooms in a red wine sauce over eggs. It's kind of like stew and eggs.) Picture.
  • Slow-cooked short ribs from Cookshop. (It's a dinner special they sometimes offer. If someone from Cookshop is reading this, it really should be a permanent part of your menu.) Can't find a picture, but here's what the place looks like.
  • Dátiles con Béicon from Boqueria. (Almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon.) Picture.
  • Onion soup gratinée and the late night giant burger with fries from Bar Tabac. Picture of the soup & fries.
  • Oysters six ways from Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar. Picture. (Pic is at their old location on 5th Street, which is the one at which I dined. I haven't been since they moved.)
  • Vanilla/vanilla cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. (I feel very strongly about the vanilla/vanilla. The chocolate is not nearly as good.) Picture.

I'm trying to think of more.

What are some of your favorite meals from NYC restaurants?

PS - I don't eat meat anymore but just noticed that four of my favorite meals contain it.

PPS - It's funny because when I think of some of the most famous NYC restaurants that I've been to like Nobu et al., nothing I ate stands out as amazing. (I mean, the food was good and all, but not as memorable as anything on my above list. Including the rock shrimp from Nobu, in case anyone tries to correct me. It's fine, not to-die-for.)