Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven

Le Circue: A Table in Heaven premieres tonight on HBO at 8pm.

The LA Times calls it "A lovely little film... a charming family drama."

The New York Times says it's "full of delightful moments."

New York Newsday says it's "A sensitive profile of a restaurant titan whose time is passing... See 'The Godfather' played out in a swanky Manhattan restaurant."

The New York Observer says, "Everyone who sits at this table will leave, charmed and satisfied."

The Baltimore Sun says, "Give HBO four stars for its classy, spicy and very satisfying documentary about the once legendary New York eatery."

The New York Daily News says, "This documentary never quite becomes the Le Cirque of cinema," and only gives it two stars out of five, so f*ck them.

About the documentary...

Since 1974, Le Cirque has been one of the world's most celebrated restaurants, entertaining dignitaries, artists, celebrities and New York's social elite. An intriguing behind-the-scenes look at the ups and downs of the iconic restaurant, LE CIRQUE: A TABLE IN HEAVEN follows owner Sirio Maccioni and his three sons from the shuttering of Le Cirque at the Palace Hotel following a 2004 New Year's Eve bash, through preparations for the eatery's celebrated rebirth in New York's Bloomberg Tower two years later.

Capturing family members in their most revealing moments, the documentary explores the challenges of reinventing the legendary restaurant, the conflicts between the two generations of Maccionis and the enduring allure of gourmet simplicity.

Among the boldface names seen dining at the restaurant are Cindy Adams, Tony Bennett, Robert De Niro, Rudolph Giuliani, Billy Joel, Henry Kissinger, Regis Philbin, Nancy Reagan, Liz Smith, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump and Vera Wang.

LE CIRQUE: A TABLE IN HEAVEN takes its title from a conversation between Sirio and the Pope, who asked if he needed to call three months in advance for a reservation. Replying, "Come anytime, you don't even have to call," Sirio went on to ask the Pontiff, "What about making [me] a reservation for a table in heaven?"

My friend Charlie produced and edited the film and, as I've previously mentioned, I invested in it. It's a great story of the generational struggle between fathers and sons and their dedication to keeping Le Cirque relevant in the changing face of the New York City restaurant scene.

Visit the film's website.

A Table In Heaven

So, remember when I told you about the documentary called A Table In Heaven about Sirio Maccione, the owner/founder of the famous New York restaurant Le Cirque? Well, it was purchased by HBO and is going to air at the end of the month. I'll keep you posted about the day and time and you'll have to watch because not only is it AMAZING, but you can see my name at the end in the credits (because I'm an investor.) Neat!

Anywho, tonight is the official New York screening, followed by a big party at Le Cirque. Even though I'm sick, I'm going anyway because let's be honest... what doesn't booze and good food cure?

So anyway, if you're at the party tonight and you see me...

(NOTE: I look like this: .)

...you might want to turn the other way because I probably have germs.

PS - I will not be carrying Peeps.