Instant Messages With Mom

Off to bed, but before I go, I want to share two instant message conversations that I recently had with my mom.

The first...

Mom: By the way, what does btw stand for?
Me: By the way
(I don't know... I just thought it was funny.)

And the second...

Mom: I'm so excited to go to Florida. I'm bringing my iPod with me!
Me: Good, make sure you charge it.
Mom: I have to charge it?

Ha ha ha... love her. I know I make fun of her computer skills on this blog, but I love her more than words can say.

Handbags - Part 2

So how coincidental is it that today's Daily Candy kids email (a must-read for all best aunties out there) is about a handbag?

Yes, it seems a company out there named Scribble Couture can customize a handbag with a design made by your little munchkin. Neat, isn't it?

So here's what I'm thinking... how amazing would the "rocket" that Nora made for me in school look on the side of a handbag?