Smith Street in The New York Times

I don't mean to take away from the excitement of the previous post, but there's an article in today's New York Times not just about my neighborhood, but my block!

Smith Street Confronts the Corporate Takeover

That's the Starbucks I go to.

I took pictures of Homage, the skateboarding shop they're talking about, during the Smith Street festival I wrote about a few weeks ago. I kept meaning to write a post about it because I think it's a great addition to the hood, but I never got around to it.

The photos of Homage are posted on my Flickr account:

Homage 3

PS - I'm all for a Starbucks coming to the neighborhood (because they make damn good coffee), but I'd hate to see it become completely commercial.

PPS - Thankfully my apartment is rent-stabilized.

UPDATE: This post and my Flickr photos were linked to on Racked and Curbed. Thanks guys! (Even though you slightly made fun of my first PS comment.)

New NYC Apartment - No Lock

Hmmm... sounds familiar.

For all of you who read Save Karyn and remember me talking about how I moved into a NYC apartment that didn't have a lock, you might get a laugh out of a email someone sent to the NYC real estate blog Curbed today.

I recently signed a lease on a one-bedroom on the UWS. When I went to the building yesterday to get the keys... the top lock to the apartment was missing -- there's a big hole in the door where there *used* to be a lock.

The super's wife claimed that I was going to have to pay a locksmith to come and install the lock, but I think providing a lock (even though there's a bottom lock already, there's a gaping hole in the door!) is the building's responsibility, not mine. Advice on this matter would be much appreciated.

From Save Karyn...
I turned around and looked at my apartment. It was the first time I had seen it. It had hard-wood floors and three big windows that looked out onto the corner of First Avenue and 57th Street. It also had two big closets and a small kitchen with a short fridge. The bathroom was a bit old, but it would do just fine.

As I looked around once again, my eyes stopped at the front door. There was a big hole in it.

I found a funny looking phone right next to the door and picked it up. It immediately rang the lobby. Edson [the doorman] picked up.

“Hi Edson," I said. "It’s me, Karyn, in 4E.”

“Hello Miss Karyn,” he replied. I liked that he called me Miss Karyn. It made me feel special.

“There’s a big hole in my front door. Did my apartment come without a lock?”

“Yes, you have to buy your own.”

“Really... and where do I get one of those?”

“There’s a hardware store down the street.”

“Okay, thanks," I said, then realized I was a bit hot. “Oh, one more thing. How do I control the air?”

“Oh, Miss Karyn, there’s no air conditioner. You have to buy one of those, too.”

“Oh, okay,” I said and then hung up.

Hmph. No lock and no air. Maybe I should have asked about those things before I moved in. All the apartments I'd ever lived in in Chicago came with air and a lock. What kind of place doesn’t come with a lock?

Oh well. After hiding my suitcases in the closet, I decided to venture out to the hardware store. But when I got outside, I remembered a cute little shoe store down the street called Otto Tootsie something...

You know, I can always get a lock. And it really wouldn’t be that hot for another few months. With that, I ditched the hardware store and decided to check out the shoe store instead...

I ended up buying the lock eventually, of course. When I moved out, I took it with because I was so pissed I had to pay $300 or whatever for it. I still have it. I should give it to this person.