My Mom The Computer Whiz

Oh my Gosh, I can't handle it—I CAN'T HANDLE IT!

My mom finally got her new computer and, for some reason, the modem stopped working today. After spending a painful—and I mean painful—20 minutes on the phone with her trying to help figure out what happened, I told her to call the cable company because the thing seemed to have died completely. She ended up having to take it in and trade it in for a new one, and when she got home, she called me frantically and was like, "What's the difference between a urethra and UCB?"

I was like, "Pardon me?"

"The new modem came with a urethra and a UCB. Which one should I use to hook it up?"

"Um, do you mean an Ethernet and a USB cord?"

"Yeah, that's it..."

God bless her. I'm sure I'll be the same way some day.