Woo Hoo China!

20 Times a Lady has been published in China! On the mainland! Save Karyn only got as far as Taiwan. This is exciting. Maybe I'll get to go to Beijing!

I love Google translating the description of the foreign books into English. They're always so much fun to read.



Et Dalila is a city of 29-year-old single female. Suddenly one day, she found that she had experienced 20 men, and the damned, "the New York Post" claims that the nation's average is 10.5. She fears to feel that their figures can not be higher, Ever have the "people will change the" optimism and insists that she gave its sad, disappointed that the men pick a Ruyilangjun.

She hired a private detective, found this and thought it would "never in contact with" the ex-boyfriend who frequently create "ah, dear! Is you!" And "Encounter." Then she found the old one now is really all-inclusive love - priests, homosexuality, mental illness, offenders, astronauts, etc. - can be described as "not the most superb, only more gourmet." A big laugh out of this farce staged.

The film adaptation of this book What's Your Number? Will be released in 2011.



Karin • Bosinake (Karyn Bosnak), the United States best-selling author, famous people blog. (Save Karyn) Blog "Save the Karin" (Save Karyn) and the same name novel, and that the "et Dalila and her former boyfriend were" deeply European and American women welcome.


I ♥ Anna Faris

Yay! I've been so excited about this but was waiting to say something until it was announced... Anna Faris is attached to star in the movie adaptation of 20 Times a Lady! Columbia Pictures is set to produce.

From Reuters/Hollywood Reporter...

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Capitalizing on her "House Bunny" hit, Anna Faris has set up two romantic comedy projects.

Paramount has picked up an untitled pitch about two estranged sisters who team up to land a husband. Faris would both star and serve as an executive producer.

Additionally, Columbia has acquired "20 Times a Lady" as a starring vehicle for Faris. The project, based on a book by Karyn Bosnak, centers on a woman who goes on a trek through her sexual past in an effort to find Mr. Right, exploring the idea of a person's sexual quota and whether those numbers matter.

I love Anna Faris! She's a great actress with amazing comedic timing and she's perfect for the role. Oh, and she's hot, too. I mean, let's be honest... babe's got it going on.

Anywho, the current script was written by Jennifer Crittenden and Gabrielle Allan and is absolutely hilarious. I wrote a first draft of it, but I had some issues stepping outside of the book and getting an objective look at it, so they bought in these two lovely ladies and it couldn't have turned out better.

So cross your fingers that everything runs smoothly from here on out and rent THE HOUSE BUNNY now!

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Angie's Magic Number Is 4

Saint Angie just told Cosmo that her magic number is 4. I wouldn't really care about this except for the fact that I wrote a book about numbers.

I love it when sexpot celebrities share their numbers with the press. (Another example, Paris Hilton.) I mean, are reporters asking about this? I can't imagine anyone saying, "So tell me... how many men have you slept with?" Why are these ladies volunteering the information?

What I'd really kill for is for someone to come out and say they've slept with like thirty dudes. That'd be fabulous.

Anyway, back to Angie... Rather than quoting the original story source here, I'm going to quote Michael K. from Dlisted because he's so. damn. funny.

Angelina Jolie told Cosmopolitan that she's only fucked 4 dudes in her entire life and married two of them. The 4 dudes are Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton, Johnny Lee Miller and some other dude. I'm guessing her brother.

It's okay to stretch the truth a little, but 4?!!!! We all know that vagina has been around.

PS - I have a love/hate relationship with most gossip websites, but Dlisted is hilarious and Michael K. posts more than just gossip so I don't feel so guilty reading it. If you don't read Dlisted, check it out!