What's Your Number? Reader Reviews

The movie tie-in edition of 20 Times a Lady — now called What's Your Number? — is now available wherever fine books are sold!

To celebrate its publication, a few of my favorite readers came up with these great reviews...

"What's Your Number? is like Harry Potter minus the wizards, wands, and Lord Voldemort."

— Michelle Bell

"‎What's Your Number? is like Gone With the Wind except with less hoop skirts and poverty and more beaus..."

—Karen Meyer

‎"What's Your Number? is like To Kill a Mockingbird without all the racism and children."

—Julie Stone

"What's Your Number? is like Twilight — lots of sparkle but minus the weird vampires with dirty hair, sulky teenage brats, and c-sections performed with fangs."

—Michelle Bell

(Michelle is really on a roll.)

Thanks ladies! Please add your review in the comments!