Mary Margaret's First Flight

So I'm at O'Hare right now getting ready to fly back to New York with my babies. Bev and Mary Margaret are in one bag together.

Earlier there was some cuddling, but now I hear a bit of growling. Mary Margaret has a tendency to terrorize poor Beverly...

The big thing I'm afraid of, however, isn't the growling—it's that Mary Margaret will poop in her bag. If she does poop, I've decided that I'm going to poop too, because me shitting myself will totally trump her shitting herself, right?

That's gross... girls shouldn't talk about poop.

Poop, poop, poop.

Anywho... I'll check in later to tell you how it goes. The flight is delayed right now, which just makes the possibility of pooping more likely. For me and her.

(I know, I know... girls shouldn't talk about poop.)