So a Lady and Her Monkey Walk Into a Petsmart...

I went to Petsmart yesterday to get some things for little Mary Margaret, and while I was pulling into the parking lot, I passed a lady getting out of her car with a monkey on her shoulders.

Of course I came to a screeching halt because there was a lady getting our of her car WITH A MONKEY ON HER SHOULDERS, and that's just something you don't see every day.

I proceeded to take a photo...

...but then thought it would be better to capture the craziness on video, so here it is:

Lady and Her Monkey Go to Petsmart from Karyn Bosnak on Vimeo.


When I told Mark about the lady and her monkey and showed him my movie, he said, "You really are crazy." I was like, "I'm crazy? THE MONKEY WAS WEARING A DIAPER AND PEARLS."

I mean, for real, let's put this into perspective.

Anywho, here's another photo of the lady and her monkey at the checkout counter:

I realize I now have one cat and two dogs, but at least I don't walk around with a monkey on my shoulders. (Yet.)