Woo Hoo China!

20 Times a Lady has been published in China! On the mainland! Save Karyn only got as far as Taiwan. This is exciting. Maybe I'll get to go to Beijing!

I love Google translating the description of the foreign books into English. They're always so much fun to read.



Et Dalila is a city of 29-year-old single female. Suddenly one day, she found that she had experienced 20 men, and the damned, "the New York Post" claims that the nation's average is 10.5. She fears to feel that their figures can not be higher, Ever have the "people will change the" optimism and insists that she gave its sad, disappointed that the men pick a Ruyilangjun.

She hired a private detective, found this and thought it would "never in contact with" the ex-boyfriend who frequently create "ah, dear! Is you!" And "Encounter." Then she found the old one now is really all-inclusive love - priests, homosexuality, mental illness, offenders, astronauts, etc. - can be described as "not the most superb, only more gourmet." A big laugh out of this farce staged.

The film adaptation of this book What's Your Number? Will be released in 2011.



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