This Town by Gambit

My friend Randy Scott Slavin (Randy from the Save Karyn book!) directed and edited a music video for the song "This Town" by the band Gambit. I went to screening of it last weekend at SoHo House and had the best time.

Randy won the Special Jury Award at the 2008 SXSW for the music video "Temporarily in Love" by Group Sounds (which takes place inside a ginormous vagina), so make sure you check this new one out! There's no large vagina in it (but there is a small one in a magazine) (Why so many vaginas, Randy?), but it's awesome nonetheless and the song is super-catchy. I'm not just saying that either—I seriously can't stop singing it.

Without further ado, I now present you the music video for the song "This Town" by Gambit. Enjoy!

PS - I was talking to one of those boys in the video at the party and someone snapped this photo of us:

He's seriously like 12 years old. I mean, if I got knocked up as a teen, I could be this kid's mom. (He's actually 21.) But this is why I love New York—every time I go out I end up hanging out with all different kinds of people. And I just love people.