True Blood

So, I finally started watching True Blood. I tried to get into it when it first started but I couldn't for some reason. Then I read all the Twilight books so I decided to try again since I'm now familiar with vampires. Well, it worked and I'm half way through season two right now. Here are my thoughts:

  • I am not attracted to Bill at all. To be honest, he grosses me out. His hair always looks dirty and dull and I don't like his accent.

  • I'm obsessed with Eric, played by the "I can't even look at you without having an orgasm" Alexander Skarsgard. I mean, seriously? Could he be hotter? And I love the vampire he plays. He's totally confident one minute, then a sulking little baby the next. I love it.

  • I also love Jason Stackhouse. He kind of reminded me of Colin Farrell in season one, but he totally looks like a young George Bush in season two. Does anyone else see it?

  • Sookie's awesome, but that's a given. My other favorite female is Jessica. Not only is she adorable and hilarious, but I love the dynamic between her and Bill.

And now, I have a question when it comes to True Blood vs. Twilight. Since Charlaine Harris' books (the basis for True Blood) came out way before Twilight, how do people not criticize Stephanie Meyer for ripping them off? Because I find it disturbing how many similarities there are between the two. Is this a thing? Is it something people talk about? Or am I wrong?