Cast Read-Through & Joel McHale

Hi everyone! I have some exciting movie updates!

Okay, first, on Monday I went to Boston for a cast read-through of the script. It was such an amazing experience. Basically, the key players of the cast sit around a table with the director, producers, studio execs, etc. and read the script from beginning to end. There's someone there to read the narration and other people to read the supporting roles, and it kind of gives you an idea of the pacing of the script, what lines work and don't work, etc.

Of the big people cast so far, Anna Faris and Chris Evans were there (of course), as well as Ari Graynor. I was really looking forward to meeting Andy Samberg because I was pretty sure this was going to be the day he falls in love with me, but he couldn't make it. (Boo hoo.)

As for Anna Faris... Now, I'm not just saying this to kiss ass, and if she was only so-so during the reading I would gush about how cute she is (which she is—she's petite and gorgeous), but my God... she is so freaking talented. With all due respect to the amazing supporting cast, Anna Faris could be in this movie alone talking to plants and it would still be awesome. I mean, she owns this character and drives this script. Like, anyone could read it aloud and it would be funny. But when Anna reads it, she brings an element to it that you just can't write. It's like magic. She's like magic.

Anna Faris is magic.

I'm truly blown away by her comedy chops and can't think of another actress who could play this role better than she can. And she was so gracious and nice. After the read-through she gave me a big hug and we chatted about how excited we were. She's just awesome.

As for Chris Evans... he brings such charm and realness to the role of Colin. He's got great comedic timing and he and Anna play so well off each other—it's a great pairing. We also chatted after the read-through and he's so normal, not arrogant at all, but just a total dude—you know what I mean? Like, he showed up in a baseball hat and a backpack, like you could crack open a beer with him and watch the game with him. And after this he's going to London to shoot Captain America—one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood. For him, life can't get much better than it is right now, but the funny thing is that it will.

Okay, so now, with regards to the rest of the cast, we have a new addition!

Joel McHale is now attached to play Anna's boss, Roger. For those of you who read the book, your first thought is probably, He's too cute to play Roger. But don't let my physical description of Roger override the essence of the character. Bottom line—Roger's smarmy. And Joel McHale can play that. He rules.

Anyway, I'll let you know as they cast other key roles. Other than that, filming starts next week!

Oh, and PS: They have another open casting call for extras for non-union people tomorrow. Click here for details.