My Neurotic Dog

Beverly has a problem. She hates hates hates the beeping of a smoke/fire alarm.

Whenever one goes off (which happens frequently in my household as I'm not the best chef), she starts panting and trembling and will continue to do so for hours, even after I turn it off. She also freaks out when they beep because they need new batteries.

To make it worse, because she's a dog and can hear everything, I don't just have to worry about the smoke alarms in my apartment, I have to worry about the whole building, because she'll hear one going off two floors down. Trust me, I know. She'll just start shaking and panting for what appears to be no apparent reason, and then I'll figure it out. I've knocked on people's doors and asked them to put new batteries in their smoke alarms before. And I've just gotten into the habit of changing the ones in the hallways myself. (Lord knows the landlord won't do it in a timely manner.) I just hate seeing her so freaked out. She's even lost control of her bladder before and peed because of this.

It's so. so. sad.

I keep hoping this fear will go away, but it keeps getting worse. Lately she's started freaking out whenever I watch a television show that takes place in a hospital because the machines in the background make beeping noises.

In fact, here she is right now...

...because I'm watching Nurse Jackie. You can't see it in the photo, but she's also trembling. (Thank God it's only 30 minutes; you should see her during Grey's Anatomy.)

I don't know what to do to help her get over this fear. Any ideas?