What's Green and Lit and Hot All Over?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... it's official.

"What's Your Number?," the movie adaptation of my second book, 20 Times a Lady, has been green lit!

And the hot, hot, hot talented thespian Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Nanny Diaries) has been cast opposite my favorite girl in the world, Anna Faris! Click here to read the article in Variety. Filming is set to begin in May.

Chris Evans=Hell, yes. He better keep that hot bod in shape 'til May.

I want to scream. Actually, I did last week. I cried, too. It just doesn't seem real. It's weird because I just made it all up, you know? The book, that is. I mean, that's what novelists do—we make shit up, talk to ourselves, play out every possible scenario in our head and out of our head. I mean, I really just walk around and talk to myself all day long. But, in doing that, I wrote a book. And now that book is going to be a movie. And two amazing actors are going to play characters that at one point just existed in my head. That's why it's so weird. So to anyone out there who has a book in their head... write it! It just might be a movie one day.

Okay, back to my real life now.