Adventures in Pickling

Happy Sunday!

It's so nice in New York City today. After waking up early I went to my favorite new grocery store in the neighborhood, Union Market, and bought some pickles.

I love pickles and, lately, I've had the urge to try and make them myself. I think it started a few months ago when I bought something called "new pickles." They're really green and crisp and look like they haven't been pickling for long, so I researched how they're made and learned that they're not actually pickled, but brined.

Here's a picture that shows the difference between a normal pickle and a new pickle. (The new pickle is the really green one.)


I LOVE them and started eating them like crazy (although I'm sure they're loaded with salt), and then I thought, I bet I could make these! So that's when I decided to become a pickler.

Now, I've have this dream for when I get older... I'm going to move to Big Sur and live by the beach where I'm going to make soap and candles and knit. (I might even get some alpaca and make my own yarn. If alpaca can live in Big Sur; I haven't looked into that yet.) I was going to wait until then to start my pickling adventure, but I've given it some thought and think I'm just going to do it now.

Dill-wise, I love McClure's. Has anyone tried them? They're awesome. (But expensive.)

Has anyone made pickles before? I'm thinking about buying this book to help get me started: