Sh*tty Landlord Stories

Remember this post from two weeks ago?

For the record, my landlord still hasn't cleaned the hallway.

I went out of town for twelve days and when I came home last night, yeah... still hasn't been cleaned.

I called him a few minutes ago and asked him when he was going to do it (it was my third phone call, of course), and he said he's going to send someone over here on Thursday. Apparently it's too hard to send someone over with a mop right now even those he's TWO DOORS DOWN.

Once again, this isn't just a routine cleaning—they tore out two door frames and knocked holes in the walls so they could rewire the building for a new intercom system. They did this six weeks ago. No one has cleaned since.

I should take samples of the dust and have it sent away to test for lead paint.

Or maybe I should take photos and send them to all the Brooklyn blogs. My landlord owns about ten buildings in the neighborhood, people should know who they're renting from. (Could I be sued for doing that?)