Sorority Sisters

I've been reuniting with some of my sorority sisters on Facebook.

I wrote a little bit about being in a sorority in Save Karyn (like a paragraph), mostly that I wasn't really into it. All that singing and dancing and being instant best friends with girls I just met was kind of odd to me (which raises the question, Why did you rush in the first place? Who knows...) I did meet some nice people because of it, though, and I absolutely wouldn't be writing this today if I wasn't... I'm about to out myself... a Delta Gamma. (Full Disclaimer: I ended up deactivating my last semester at school.)

I met my friend Tracy through being a DG, and she's the reason I got into television in the first place, which is why I moved to New York, which is when I got into debt, which led to the website, which led to the Save Karyn book, which led to 20 Times a Lady, etc.

Back to reuniting with them on Facebook. One of the girls I've reconnected with was our pledge class treasurer. She sent me an email saying, "I know we weren't that close but you were always really nice every time I had to call to collect your dues..."

Ha ha! I told you I've never been good with money!

Anywho, seeing as though I'm visiting my mom right now, I dug this out of my closet for proof:

Delta Gamma Paddle