Awkward Conversations With Your Mom

My mom just called and asked me what a butt plug was.


My phone rang and I was like, "Hello?" And then I heard, "Karyn, what's a butt plug."

I'm like, "Mom?" And then she said, "Yeah, it's me."

She's out to lunch with her friends (apparently it's liquid) and one of them read about it in a book. They were so confused.

"It shaped like what? What do you mean it's got a stand on the end?"

So it doesn't get lost, that's what I told her.

Every attempt I made at explaining it elicited giggles from the peanut gang.

"It's got ridges in it!" she'd repeat to them, squealing, and then I'd hear a collective "Hee hee hee!" in the background.

Anywho, I took the opportunity to tell them about anal beads, too.