Free Jeans!

So I'm FINALLY getting around to giving away all those Gap 1969 jeans left over from my Gap party a year ago. I know, I know... no excuses as to why it has taken me so long to do this; I've just been busy, I guess. So, here's what I have:

I have nine pairs of Gap 1969 jeans, six certificates for a free pair of Gap 1969 jeans (redeemable in stores only), and one $50 gift card (redeemable online or in stores.)

All of the jeans are brand new, although they may have been tried on by someone at my party. In my opinion, they run a size too big, so if you're unsure how the new Gap jeans fit you, I'd go down a size. Please note, if you win a size that doesn't fit, I don't think you'll be unable to exchange them at a Gap store because they say "sample" on the inside tag.

A note on the jeans... I LOVE THEM. And I'm not just saying that. My favorite style is the Long & Lean, which are a wider leg/trouser-type jean. I don't have any L&Ls to give away, but you can find them in the stores. In the past year I've gone through about five pairs of them because I wear them every. single. day. No joke.

Okay, here are the style/sizes I have to give away:


Sexy Boot

Low Rise, Slim in the Hip and Thigh, Boot Cut Leg Opening

Medium Wash, Sizes:

  • 26/2L (I have 2 pairs of these)
  • 28/6L
  • 29/8L
  • 31/12L


Real Straight

Low Rise, Slim in the Hip and Thigh, Straight Leg Opening

Dark Wash, Size: 

  • 27/4


Always Skinny

Low Rise, Skinny in the Hip and Thigh, Slim Leg Opening

Saturated Dark Wash, Sizes:

  • 27/4
  • 30/10
  • 31/12


And now, here is how you win. First, take note of the letter that corresponds to the item(s) you want to win.

  • A  -  $50 Gap Gift Card
  • B  -  Gift Certificate for One Pair of Gap 1969 Jeans (I have six)
  • C  -  Sexy Boot 26/2L (I have two pairs)
  • D  -  Sexy Boot 28/6L
  • E  -  Sexy Boot 29/8L
  • F  -  Sexy Boot 31/12L
  • G  -  Real Straight 27/4
  • H  -  Always Skinny 27/4
  • I  -  Always Skinny 30/10
  • J  -  Always Skinny 31/12

Next, leave a comment with your first name and last initial and the letter(s) of the item(s) you want to win.


Susie Q.

A, B, G

Important: Make sure you enter your email address in the email address box when leaving your comment; I will be the only one who will see it and it's how I'll get in touch with you if you win; it will not appear in the comment section.

And finally, please do not write something like "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J" or "I want to enter to win everything!" next to your name. I know you don't wear a size 2 and a size 12, so let someone who actually wears the size win. It's not nice to be a contest piggy!

Okay, so I will close comments and pick winners randomly this Thursday 12/9 in the morning.

Good luck! I hope you win!

Happy Holidays!