State of the Blog Address

I'm thinking about moving this blog. I have a website and I want to combine this with that.

I'm going to set it up using Squarespace. I've been playing with the platform and I really like it. It's a thousand times better than Blogger and, yet, still easy to use. Two cute examples of square space website/blogs:

I might even hire a real website designer to design it.

Here's my dilemma:

Do I move everything to Or should I have be my main website?

I can't decide so I thought I'd ask you.

The reason I started Pretty in the City was because I didn't want to always be known as the Save Karyn girl. I'm not and have never been embarrassed by what I did, but I wanted to position myself as a writer and not just the girl who begged her way out of debt. (Listen, all I'm saying is that I know what it's like to be a Brady.) Save Karyn is just one thing I did. 20 Times a Lady is another. And my next book will be something different, too.

So anyway, here are the choices:

or, official website of author Karyn Bosnak

At the top of both there will be links to books, about, blog, press, tour information (for book #3, which is still being written), etc.

I'm adding a poll to the right so you can vote. I'm leaning toward but I really can't decide.

And PS - I will be blogging more this year!