Roman Polanski

This made me ill.

From the Hollywood Reporter...

Debra Winger, who serves as president of the Zurich fest's jury, on Monday demanded Polanski's release and criticized Swiss authorities for their "philistine collusion" in arresting Polanski as he entered the country.

"This fledgling festival has been unfairly exploited, and whenever this happens the whole art world suffers," Winger said in a statement on Monday, standing together with the other four international jury members who wore red badges reading "Free Polanski" as they announced plans to continue the fest.

Um, Debra, being a great filmmaker doesn't give you passies for raping a child, so please just. shut. up.

The other thing I hate are people who say this case should be dropped because it happened so long ago.

(However, if the victim asked the DA's office to drop it, then they should drop it.)