Eat, Pray, Love in Brooklyn!

They're filming "Eat, Pray, Love" on my street today. Like, right in front of my apartment. Right now they're filming at the laundry mat on Smith between Dean and Bergen—my laundry mat—which means that Julia Roberts is now once removed from my underwear.

Later they're moving down the street to Robin Des Bois. I chatted with the owner and some crew dudes and they said she's filming a scene there with James Franco, Javier Bardem, and Billy Crudup.

So exciting!

UPDATE: Pictures of Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem!





Javier Bardem


PS - Pics are copyrighted and gossip blogs may not use them. (I'm not a paparazzo, just a chick who was excited to have two Academy Award winners in her 'hood.) My blogging friends and Brooklyn neighborhood blogs may use them, but please email me first at mail (at)

PPS - I know it's "laundromat" but I've been saying "laundry mat" since I was a little girl and I'm not stopping now.