Beverly Fell Off The Bed

Beverly rolled onto her back to stretch today and rolled right off the edge of the bed. I tweeted about it (I twatted it up!) and a lot of people expressed their concern for her well-being. She's okay and wanted to make this video to let everyone know.

Beverly Says Thank You from Karyn Bosnak on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Elvis' Thoughts on Beverly's Video

Elvis' Thoughts On Beverly's Video from Karyn Bosnak on Vimeo.

"Elvis wants everyone to know that he did not fall off the bed today.

In fact, he's never fallen off the bed because he's not an uncoordinated canine with a belly the size of Buddah.

Whenever he wants to lie on his back to stretch, he first examines his surroundings -- carefully noting his proximity to the edge of things -- and then only if there's enough room to do so, will he attempt to roll over.

Elvis thinks that Beverly is trying to win you over by looking cute in her video and said that if you fall for her ruse, you're probably just as feeble-minded as she is."