Born To Love Gap - Part 3

Yay! Free jeans! Yay!

So anyway, after being chosen to be a Gap Brand Enthusiast, I planned my "Born To Fit" party to take place last Thursday evening. I was supposed to invite about fifteen people, and while I can fit fifteen people in my apartment, I wasn't sure how comfortable we'd all be. And also, even though I'm less than three miles from Manhattan, the thought of going to Brooklyn frightens people. Because of these two things, I asked my friend Cristin if I could have the party at her apartment. Not only is her place larger than mine, but she lives in the West Village right by the West 4th stop, so it's much easier for everyone to get to. She said yes. With the date and location finally picked, I sent out these super-cute evites:


As the day of the party grew near, Justine sent me two big boxes of goodies. In addition to a gazillion pairs of 1969 jeans, she sent me snacks, including little bags of M&M's that said, "Born To Indulge" and "Born To Love"...

Born To Indulge

Microwave popcorn that said, "Born To Pop"...

Born To Pop

And a super-cute snack bowl to hold it all that said, "Born To Snack."

Born To Snack

She also sent a camera that said "Born To Smile"...

Born To Smile

Born To Smile

And my favorite. thing. ever... a Flip Video Mino HD video camera with the 1969 Gap logo emblazoned across the front and "What were you born to do?" printed at the top.

Born To Flip

Born To Flip

Born To Flip

Born To Flip

The last two things were sent so I could record the party and blog about it. When you think about it, it's kind of a brilliant marketing campaign by Gap, don't you think? Send a bunch of awesome things to 150 bloggers across the country and let them run wild with it. Loves it.

In addition to the jeans and goodies, also in the box were two $50 gift cards that I could either give away at the party or on my blog (I chose my blog because I love you!) and a bunch of gift certificates for free jeans redeemable at any Gap store for people who couldn't find the right size/style jeans at the party.

Part 4 coming soon: My "Born To Fit" party... with pictures!