United Breaks Guitars

How did I miss this? United Airlines broke this man's guitar and wouldn't pay for it, so he told them he was going to write three songs about them.

Here's the first. It's so funny.

HuffPo said it could be "the single most famous act of customer frustration in YouTube history."

After the song began racking up YouTube views -- it's been seen more than 5 million times by now - United caved and offered to pay up. Carroll declined and suggested that United give the money to charity.

And now here's the second song:

He hasn't made the third yet.

I'm going to make one of these about United Airline's pet policy. They charge $175 EACH WAY to fly with Beverly. That's $350 and she doesn't even get a seat. It's ridiculous and I will never fly their airline because of it. I'm going to call it "What do you have against the animals?" And it's going to be a montage of Beverly and Elvis giving them the finger and sh*tting on pictures of their airplanes.

United sucks.