Gross Lady On The Train

So I'm on the train going to Connecticut. It's crowded and I'm looking for a seat. A totally disgusting woman is taking up 4 seats--there are two seats facing two seats and she's sitting in the middle on one side and has one of her feet up on the other side. She's not wearing any shoes and her dirty-ass socks are out for everyone to see.

Now, even though I'm not sure if I can muster up the courage to sit next to THE FOOT, I start looking around for a place to put my bags anyway because, again, the train is crowded. As I do, she starts chiming in, giving her opinion on everything I'm doing because she's one of those people who needs to TALK TALK TALK and make sure everyone can hear... "That bag ain't gonna fit there," she says, and "You gonna need to put that one on it's side..." Did I mention she has horrendous grammar? She does.

So anyway, I ignore what she's saying and quickly realize that there's no way I can sit near her because I now know THE FOOT SMELLS, so I put my bags near the door of the car and plop down on top of one of them. My head disappears when I do, so naturally she starts asking everyone, "Where'd she go?" because up until now she thought I was going to sit next to her. I don't answer because I don't need to explain myself to a complete stranger. When it suddenly dawns on her that I'm not actually sitting in a seat, she yells, "Oh, tell me she ain't sitting on the floor!" I wasn't, but she didn't know that. Then she goes, "That just ain't sanitary...."

This, coming from a woman with no shoes, dirty socks and smelly feet on the train.

I hate her.

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