Born To Love Gap - Part 1

Yay! Free jeans! Yay!

Okay, so here's how it all began...

So a couple of months ago a nice girl named Justine sent me an email asking if I'd be interested in becoming a Gap Brand Enthusiast. Gap has just redesigned their denim line for the first time in 25 years or something and they were going to chose about 150 bloggers from around the country to help launch it. The line is called 1969 Jeans.

Of course I said yes because I love Gap. I mean, who doesn't love Gap? I've been wearing Gap for years, back when all they had were jeans and sweatpants in every color folded nice and neatly in the wall. (Remember that?) I also worked at Gap during college and was even once employee of the month. (I was really good in the fitting rooms, and, if I had enough caffeine in me, folding the denim wall. I was also a good greeter, but sometimes my abundance of energy frightened the customers so they didn't let me do that too often.)

Anywho, a few days later I met Justine for coffee and had a little interview. After chatting about the new denim line and the "Born To Fit" campaign, she took me shopping and bought me a whole new outfit. For reals. I got a cute white tee, a pair of lovely gray linen pants, and a purple scarf. I now like to refer to Justine as my sugar mama.

My Gap Ad

She was really such a nice person. And how fun does her job sound? She got to travel around and meet bloggers from all over the country.

Anywho, after thanking Justine I went home and waited on pins and needles to find out if I was going to be chosen to be a Gap Brand Enthusiast.

To be continued...

PS - We don't get to Part 2 and, more importantly, to the FREE JEANS GIVEAWAY unless 20 people comment on this post. (Gap gave me free jeans, people! I need to show them I have readers...) (Oops! Did I just spoil the story?)