Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!




UPDATE: How I did this.

  • Put the camera on a tripod.
  • Set ISO to 400. (Or play with other ISOs.)
  • Set camera to the TV setting (the one where you can choose the shutter speed.)
  • Choose anywhere from a five to eight-second exposure (or however long it takes you to write what you want to write.)
  • Write from left to right (how you normally would) and then flip the picture horizontally once you download it so it's not backwards.
  • I didn't use a flash, but you could experiment with one.

Some more tips:
  • We learned that printing works better than writing cursive.
  • Once your sparkler is lit, hold it at your starting point until the shutter is depressed, then start writing.
  • Hold the sparkler on the end point until the shutter closes.