Mommy's pretty kitty.


I haven't posted a picture of Elvis in such a long time! He's going to be 14 years old next month and he's just as frisky as ever.

Bev and Elvis are so funny and so very different. Bev can be a bit of a loner. When we're at home, if I'm in the living room, she's in the bedroom. And when I go to sleep at night, she leaves the bedroom and goes to the living room. I mean, she cuddles sometimes, but I usually have to force her.

Elvis, on the other hand, is my shadow. I joke that his favorite things to do are eat, sleep and hover. He's always hovering... lurking... trying to figure out a way that he can safely get to comforts of my lap. He follows me to the bedroom, to the kitchen, to the bathroom... he waits while I take a shower. At night, he sleeps on the pillow next to me. And sometimes when I wake up, I find that he's moved to mine. He forms sort of a crescent above my head... it's kind of like he's spooning with it.

Anywho, here's one more pic of his speckled kitty paws:

Speckled Kitty Paws

Love my little muffins.