Brooklyn Sunset

The sun was setting really beautifully last night behind a church that's a block away from my apartment, so I went up to the roof to take a picture.

Sunset from my Brooklyn rooftop

I was looking up the name of the church today because I wanted to put it underneath the picture on Flickr (it's a confusing name because three churches combined to make this one), and I learned that Frank McCourt was baptized there!

According to Forgotten-NY...

Angela's Ashes author Frank McCourt was baptized here in 1930 before his family returned to Limerick, Ireland in 1934.

I totally forgot that he was born in Brooklyn and lived in this neighborhood before his family moved back to Ireland. So then I thought, it's kind of strange that I took this picture on the day he died, right? Well, it's not totally strange (I've taken many pictures of this church), but the fact that I decided to take one last night and post it today kind of is.

Anywho, the official name (I think) is St. Peter St. Paul Our Lady of Pilar Church.