My Lavender Bedroom

I painted my bedroom lavender this weekend. Here are a couple of pictures:

My lavender bedroom

My lavender bedroom (and the silver radiator pole that almost killed me)

I almost died while spray-painting the radiator pole silver because I was overcome with fumes. (I don't know how huffers do it.)

And re: the picture above my bed, I'm either going to get a different photo printed for the frame or take a new, different one specifically for the spot. I think two people jumping on a bed having a pillow fight with feathers flying everywhere would be very fun, but that would take some serious thought and planning. (Not to mention clean up.)

Update: Because a couple of people asked...

  • Bedding by Dwell
  • Bed by Blu Dot
    (It's been discontinued.)
  • Lamps by Ikea
  • Paint by Coronado
    Color is #8745 Toasted Rose (even though it's in the purple family)