You will thank me for this.

So the nutritionist who came up with the Summer Slimdown Diet (on which I've lost 15 pounds, btw) suggested Larabars or BumbleBars for the afternoon snack. Since I couldn't find BumbleBars anywhere I've eating Larabars—which I love—but then I finally found BumbleBars at a place in Connecticut by my sister's house and Oh. My. God. They are the best thing I have ever eaten.

They are sweet. And gooey. And whole. Meaning that they don't grind up the ingredients to form the bar, they just smash them all together and then wrap it up.

Here are some pictures I took:

Chunky Cherry BumbleBar


Chunky Cherry BumbleBar...so gooey and delicious

"They are so gooey..."

Chunky Cherry BumbleBar... so gooey it sticks to the plate

"...that they stick to the plate."

Now here's the thing: You have to try the Chunky Cherry or Cherry Chocolate Bumblebars. The other kinds without the fruit are dry and boring, so don't go out and buy an Almond BumbleBar and be like, "This isn't that good... I don't know what Karyn's talking about."

Chunky Cherry or Cherry Chocolate—got it?

I haven't tried the other fruit flavors (Tasty Tropical or Awesome Apricot) but I'm about to buy a box right now. (A variety pack, actually, which is on sale!) I'm guessing that the fruit kinds are bettter than the non-fruit kinds because they are moistier. (Is that a word? Should I have said "more moist" or "moister?" I like "moistier" best.)

Anywho, I raved about these things to Mark who in turn bought some at Whole Foods. Now, if anyone would call me out for over-hyping something it would be him. But I didn't over-hype these and he's now obsessed with them, too. His favorite are the Cherry Chocolate. Mine are the Chunky Cherry.

So there you go. BumbleBars. Buy them. Try them. Thank me later.