Diet Update

So I've been on my diet for about ten days now and I've lost six pounds! I finally feel better, too. The first week was pretty unpleasant... I got the worst headaches and felt like I had the flu at times. But I got through it without cheating, exercised almost every single day, and already feel like you can see a difference.

Someone said they were starting today and asked if I have any tips. In addition to what I put in the first post, here are some more:

  • If you usually eats sweets and a lot of bread carbs, you'll probably feel yucky the first week, but I read on the internet that when you change your diet for the better like this it can take your body up to ten days to start feeling better. So keep this in mind if feeling like crap lasts more than a couple days, it may take ten. I went like this... Day 1-4: I felt horrid, almost like I had the flu. Day 5-6: I didn't feel flu-like, but I still had horrible headaches. Day 7-8: The headaches finally stopped but I still felt somewhat weak, especially when waking up. Day 9-10: I don't feel weak anymore.
  • The first couple of nights on the diet I kept waking up because I was so hungry, so on the third and fourth nights I took sleeping pills. Worked like a charm; I stayed asleep. On the fourth and fifth night I woke up as well, but instead of taking sleeping pills again I ate a thing of string cheese so my stomach would stop grumbling and I could get back to sleep. (I then didn't eat my string cheese the next day.)
  • In the middle of the day, if I was hungry, instead of eating, I'd sleep some more. (I've slept a lot in the past ten days.) So if you're able to nap, then nap away the hunger pangs.
  • I think Cherry Pie and Cashew Cookie Larabars are the best.
  • I think romaine lettuce is dull and much prefer arugula or spinach in my salad at lunch even though they are less hearty. Earthbound Farm also makes the best lettuce mix with dill, cilantro, and parley in it called the Fresh Herb Salad. It's deelish.
  • For motivation, I hung a recent picture of myself on the wall next to two old ones where I was more fit to remind myself of my goal.
  • Boom Boom Pow. The best workout song. Makes me forget I don't want to be at the gym.
  • If your gym offers something like this, get a body fat analysis. I did and the results were frightening. When you hear someone say, "You are xx percent body fat" it doesn't mean much. But when someone says, "Of your weight which is xxx pounds, xx pounds are lean body mass and xx pounds are fat," it certainly does. I want to get another one done after I've been working out for a few months to see how I've improved.
  • When I feel like cheating, this is what I think: It's not that I can never eat pizza (or other delicious off-limits food) again, it's just that I can't eat pizza while I'm on this diet. I'm trying to get my weight back to where it used to be and once I'm there I can eat what I want (in moderation, of course.)
Hmm.... what else.... I think I'm re-learning portion control. Last night I ate out with my family and realized I had the equivalent of two dinners on my plate. So I only ate half the rice, half the shrimp, half the veggies and took the rest home.

Also, someone asked if I'd share my height and weight with everyone. I totally understand why they asked and actually considered doing so as I think it would be motivating for others to see my progress. But after thinking it through I decided not to. This may sound silly but I still get a mean email every once in a while and the last thing I want while I'm struggling to get fit is some dude calling me a fat-ass. I have no problem telling my friends what I weigh and if it were just us girls I'd probably post it, but for now it's not going to happen. I'll post how much weight I lose though (and actually, I'm 5'4"—I have no problem sharing my height!), so you can make your own assumptions.

Is anyone else on the diet? If so, how are you doing?