Daily Tweet Roundup

Me, today:

  • Dear Stumped in Texas: No, I'm not the redhead in the Peg Egg commercial. My husband isn't in it either. Thanks for asking! #
  • If I blow dry my hair in the kitchen I can leave the AC on w/o blowing a fuse. Considering the bathtub's in the kitchen, I'm fine with this. #
  • I just met w/Justine to become a Gap Brand Enthusiast and she took me shopping and gave me free clothes! Justine is my sugarmama. I luv Gap. #
  • I wish my gym had doggie daycare so I could bring Bev. She'd really like the wak to and fro. #
  • Twilight: I've suffered through the first 167 pages of New Moon; hope it's going to get better soon. #
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