Awesome Writer Chicks

I keep meaning to blog about this. Last week the hilarious Jen Lancaster came to town and invited me out for drinks. She was at Buddakan with a bunch of lovely lady writers and I went and had an amazing time. Everyone was so nice and I actually ended up staying out until 3 AM with two of them (McCandless and Siana are nothing but trouble...) We somehow ended up in the penthouse of the Hotel Gansevoort with a couple of British footballers who also happen to buy racehorses. I don't know... maybe it'll end up in a book someday.

Anywho, here's a list of everyone who was there that evening along with the books they've written:

Jen Lancaster

Sarah Grace McCandless

Jolene Siana

Tatiana Boncompagni

Stacey Ballis

I now have a big reading list for summer. Please check out their books!