My sister is having her cat put to sleep today. Her vet is going to come to house to do it. Her husband will be working so she's going to be home alone with the kids, but she scheduled it during their nap times so hopefully they'll be sleeping like good little boys and girls.

Her cat's name is Chester (she and her husband found him in Chesterfield, Virginia when they started dating fifteen years ago) and he's been sick for a long while now. I took these pictures of him last month:

Here he is sleeping:


And here he is getting a hug from Jack:

jack hugging chester

jack hugs chester

How sweet are the last two pictures? Chester has turned into a cranky, cranky cat in his old age, but he's always been so good with the kids.

Please keep my sister and her family in your thoughts today. And Chester, too, as he makes his way to kitty heaven.