Save-A-Pet Raffle

Ever since my grandpa passed away, my mom has been volunteering at Save-A-Pet, a non-profit no-kill shelter in Illinois. To help raise money, they're holding a raffle called "Hogs for Paws" where you could win a brand new Harley Davidson Sportster, $1,000 cash, or a $500 gift certificate to the Harley Davidson shop in McHenry, Illinois.

You can buy tickets on Save-A-Pet's website, -- one costs $10 and six cost $50 (which is like getting one for free!)

The drawing will be held June 14, 2009.

Now, if you're sitting in California thinking, What am I going to do with a gift certificate to a Harley store in Illinois?, or, What am I going to do with a motorcycle in Illinois?, you could make a donation instead of buying a raffle ticket. Just look at the cute pets you'd be helping to save:

More dogs

More cats

So buy a raffle ticket or make a donation today! On behalf of the animals (and my mom), I thank you.

**Save-A-Pet, located in Grayslake, Illinois is an animal rescue 501(3)(c) non-profit group which operates a no-kill shelter.