Glee Club

Mark's boyfriend David was in the glee club in college. It's something he doesn't talk about often (although I once heard a wonderful story about how they briefly toured with Foreigner—they sang backup on "I want to know what love is! I want you to show me!") Anywho, I asked him if he watched the premiere of the new show "Glee" last night on Fox and he did.

"Was it like the real thing" I asked. I was so excited he was finally talking about it!

"No," he replied. "The people on the show are really attractive."

Now, Mark swears that an epic picture of David exists in a (not) hot pair of glasses and his glee uniform. He's seen it. Like, for reals. So I asked...

"Listen, is there any way I could get a picture of you in college during your glee years for my blog?"

I wanted to do a side-by-side of him and this guy, you know, to show the difference.

"Um, no," he quickly said.

So, sorry, no picture. But here's the promo for Glee. Watch it!