Bev is so upset.

Mark's dog Gertie runs a nail salon and Bev went there this morning to get her nails done.

Gertie's been taking airbrushing classes and Bev was really excited to get sunshine and daisies painted on her nails to celebrate spring. Gertie said she could do it, but then, when Bev wasn't looking, she painted piggies on her nails instead because she thinks Bev's a piggy.

I sent a text to Mark to tell him what happened and this is what he said:

She's not a hoot. She threatened to have my Beverly arrested if she didn't fork over the dough.

That's not all.

You'd think he'd defend Brisco, but no.

She seriously should change her name to Heather. Or Regina. She's a mean girl.

Where is Chumley when you need him?

UPDATE: Bev found the nail polish remover and has made a mess of the place. There are pink cotton balls everywhere.