Daily Tweet Roundup

Me, today:

  • Can't sleep. Watching The Jeffersons. Love me some Weezie. #
  • So The Jeffersons is rated G, and right now Weezie & Helen are talking to a prostitute with a black eye who was roughed up by her pimp. #
  • twitpic.com/3at32 - Not just Good Times, but great times. That saucy lil redhead just brought the house down w/ 'Send In the Clowns.' #
  • twitpic.com/3at32 - Oh my, it's a famous episode. The Judith Cohen Story. That's JJ back there. tinyurl.com/df2fox #
  • Wait, the Countess says she's going to write a book and then she meets with her "writer?" CHEATER! #RHONY #RHNY #
  • Pirates! More pirates! Aye! #
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