Bullet Express

I saw an infomercial last night for the Bullet Express and it was amazing. Basically, you put food in this machine and it shoots it out like one of those automatic tennis ball thingies. But that's not the best part. The best part is the way the people on the commercial "catch" the food. They just hold a pan right up to it and hope the sh*t lands on it somewhere. It's totally gross and makes Americans look like impatient barbarians, like we haven't evolved past being gorillas and NEED. NACHOS. NOW. To hell with waiting for someone to cut vegetables and shred cheese by hand... the Bullet Express can prepare them for you in 15 seconds.

Check it out. The pepperoni pizza they try to make is the best. It's at 1:20 in. And the acting on it is terrible. Just simply awful.

Anywho, it may be bad, but I must say... if the success of the Snuggie taught us anything, it's that a bad infomercial can sometimes be the best thing for your product.