Happy Belated Easter


Happy belated Easter, everyone!

I colored eggs with Nora and Jack. It was very fun except Jack doesn't get the concept of "gentle" yet, so pretty much every egg was broken. And Nora doesn't get that if you put an egg in the orange cup first and then the blue cup, you're gonna get a really ugly shade of brown.

But whatever, they're kids and they had a great time. It was so funny because when we were done, Nora was so proud of her eggs that she cried when I told her the Easter Bunny was going to come hide them.

"But I don't want him to hide them!" she screamed. "Especially not my purple ones!" And then she grabbed her purple ones and held on to them for about an hour.

Once she put them back with the others and I put all of them in the fridge, she goes, "Good idea—I bet he won't find them if you put them in there."

UPDATE: I just uploaded my pictures.

Just colored:

just colored

Jack, checking on the progress:

checking on the eggs

Nora and her purple eggs:

nora and her purple eggs


broken eggs