M. Ward, The Go-Getter

The other night I was browsing around iTunes and downloaded a few songs by an artist named M. Ward. It was one of those Genius recommendations and I really liked him. One of my favorite songs by him is one he sings with Zooey Deschanel (the actress, whom I love) called "Never Had Nobody Like You." I even made it my MySpace song.

So anyway, tonight I'm browsing around movies on-demand and come across one called The Go-Getter with Lou Taylor Pucci (from Thumbsucker, a movie I loved) and surprise! Zooey Deschanel. I'm watching it right now and I really like it, so I do a Google search and find the website. On it is a link to a review that says...

A few unlikely scenes are overly self-indulgent, but the film makes up for the lapses with beautiful cinematography and M. Ward's languorous score (this is the project that inspired musical duo Deschanel and Ward to become She & Him)."

So then I think, Oh, I know M. Ward, I just downloaded a bunch of his songs. And then I think, I have some She & Him on my iPod, too.

That's all.