So Sad

Robert Guskind, the guy who ran a neighborhood blog I read all the time, Gowanus Lounge, died Wednesday.

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn: Gowanus Lounge, You Had Brooklyn's Back. And For That We Thank You

From the article...

So let me simply say: This is a sad day for all who love Brooklyn and cherish its neighborhoods and the spunky, historic charm and faded beauty of places, like Coney Island, that loom so large in the American imagination.

As a journalist, Bob was looking out for this borough and trying to protect it from the forces of money and development that swept through these parts like a reckless tornado.

Bob, you had Brooklyn's back. And for that we will always remember you. Thank you for you hard work and your belief that change is possible in the form of good reporting, a well-crafted blog post, and photographs that speak volumes.

I didn't know him personally, but he occasionally posted some of my pictures on Gowanus Lounge and he seemed like a really nice guy.

Here's a link to Bob's pictures on Flickr.

Also, Miss Heather at New York Shitty posted a video the two of them made together a few days ago.

My thoughts go out to his friends and family.