Barbarella (Beverly)
Beverly's nicknames:

  • B, Boo, Bev, Bevvy, Chevy
  • Pretty, Purdy, Percy, Percy Greenfield
  • Mommy's pretty puppy girl, Mommy's PPG (for short), Mommy's Muffinhead, Muffinhead
  • Muffy Bronstein
  • Barbie, Barbarella Bogdanovich
  • Porkie, Porky Yorkie
  • Chunks, Chunky, Chunky Monkey
  • Sassy, Sassy Pants
  • Tuffy, Tuffy McMillan
  • Snarly, Snarly McSnarlson
  • Pup, Puppers, Tush, Tushy
  • Stinks, Stinky, Blinky, Blinks
  • Bobo, Bobo Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Crooklyn
  • Booby Jackson


Elvis chillin' in a shelf that's waiting to be hung on the wall
Elvis' nicknames:

  • E, El, Elbow, Elvi
  • Johan Magillicutty
  • Buddy, Buddy Johnson, Johnson, Johnny, Johnny Cakes
  • Buster, Busta Rhymes
  • Hov (When Beverly's "B") (Holla! All I need in this life of sin is me and boyfriend.)
  • Puss, Puss N' Boots