You know what bugs me? When people that you haven't seen in a while befriend you on Facebook and then don't take the time to read your profile. Instead, they write something stupid on your wall like, "So, are you still living in Chicago?"

I mean, you don't even need to click the Info tab to know that I'm not living in Chicago anymore—it's listed right underneath my freakin' picture, idiot.


When I reconnect with someone who I haven't seen in a while, I take the time to look at they're profile, see what they're doing, where they're living, look at their pictures, etc., and then I ask my questions. I do my research. This person didn't. But, that's probably why he's doing porn to make a living... he not so smart.

I might unfriend this person now because his laziness bugs me.

I just needed to vent, sorry.

What bugs you about Facebook?